Xtreme Sports Minnesota

We provide high quality gear and guides to get you riding all that the area has to offer.

We are working to bridge the gap between the seasons with extreme sports that we can enjoy no matter the conditions.

That includes developing and manufacturing new products to expand the possibilities of these great sports.


Kiteboarding is a thrilling sport allowing you to harness the power of the wind and ride on snow, ice and water. Minnesota's abundance of lakes offer ideal conditions for kiteboarding no matter the season.

Come ride with us! Demo XMN and Ozone products. Come along on a guided session with professional coaches to accelerate your progress.

Ozone Kites

Ozone has been in the industry advancing all aspects of kiteboarding since the beginning. Being one of the top paragliding companies the Ozone team is able to share insight across their wind sports to create the highest performance and quality possible.

Ozone is the only manufacturer to own and operate their own factory. This speeds up their product development and allows them to make necessary changes to advance safety, quality control and overall performance.

Kiteboarding In Minnesota


Kiteboarding is much like wakeboarding but instead of being pulled by a boat or cable you are harnessed to a fully controllable power kite.

An option to go surfing without the need of a boat / driver, cable park / winch or waves. Just you and the wind.


Snowkiting offers a similar experience to water but using a snowboard or skis while flying the same kite you would on water, often on the same lakes as well.

Skip the lift ticket and the dreadful lift line. Minnesota is full of untracked powder waiting to be carved up. Just add a kite!


Icekiting is a great way to get out and ride during mild winters as well fill the gap between the summer and winter seasons, never missing a windy day on the lake.

XMN has been developing products to advance this dicipline of kiteboarding since the early 2000's. READ MORE

The Original Switchblade

Developed for Ice Kiteboarding, the Switchblade is an external snowboard edge enabling you to ride any surface from mirrored ice, to powder.

More about Switchblade Here