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Edge v12

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After 16 years of refinement the V12 offers a handling quality that will supercharge the sessions of any intermediate rider, not just the super high flying renegades!

  • High adrenaline free ride machine with crazy upwind performance
  • Massive boost and hang time
  • Transverse shaping and ultra taut canopy
  • Powerful sheeting with excellent control for super fast riding
  • Refined handling, pre-loaded tips and ultra smooth flying

The V12 retains a similar DNA to the V11 with the increased canopy tautness that we have since implemented in the Enduro V4, Reo V7 and Reo V7 Ultra-X thanks to the introduction of transverse sail shaping in the canopy cloth that runs parallel with the leading edge.

While the overall ride is smoother, the bar feeling and feedback is now more precise too thanks to canopy flutter having been reduced. The Edge V12 maintains a cleaner sail and increased airfoil performance in all situations, which is especially noticeable when steered hard and fast.

As ever, the ‘Born Light: Genetically Strong’ ethos is applied through every stage of manufacturing. Thanks to the advantage we have in owning our own factory in Vietnam, where 1000 skilled workers apply their careful skill and attention, Ozone products are guaranteed to provide incredible aerodynamic performance with built-in strength.

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